World Blood Donor Day Celebration 2019

Every year June 14 is globally celebrated as the World Blood Donor Day. The occasion serves to pay homage to the voluntary blood donors who donate blood throughout the year to save and benefit human lives without any remuneration or gain. The Day also aims to attract and motivate the healthy members of the society to come forward and become regular voluntary blood donors. But one of the most important objectives of celebrating the WBDD is to sensitize and call attention to the governments and the development partners about the significance of investing in the establishment of national blood systems through the development of national blood policies, legislation      and regulation based on actionable evidence and ethical foundations. Only a service delivery system functioning through such a WHO recommended model can ensure sufficient and timely access to safe blood and blood products to meet the transfusion needs of all in any country.
The celebration of World Blood Donor Day provides an opportunity to the organizations working for the promotion of volunteerism to aware general public about blood safety and voluntary blood donations. For this purpose, Safe Blood Transfusion Programme (SBTP) and Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) jointly organized a Hiking tour ‘Hike for Life’ as part of the celebrations of World Blood Donor Day 2019. The Hiking Tour was organized at Trail 3 on Margalla Hills, Islamabad. A large number of young people participated in the hike. The objective was to create awareness and to motivate general public about voluntary blood donation. The track was decorated with balloons and banners having messages of the World Blood Donor Day 2019, i.e. Safe Blood for All.