Management Information Systems

Management Information System

A harmonized computer-based management information system was planned for the RBCs and their affiliated HBBs which will allow rational decision making regarding the Blood Transfusion Services, facilitate haemovigilance and contribute to blood safety. The MIS system was procured through the KfW support in 2014 for the 10 RBCs. The new system was installed in the blood centres and staff trained. The process involved visits by international experts and comprehensive national consultations.  

MIS Functional Brief

Supported by an international short term expert, Dr. Hynek Kruzik, MIS brief was drafted to achieve consensus by the implementing partners. MIS has a crucial role in BTS as it improves the overall decision making process by making available comprehensive and diverse information in an integrated manner. It also reduces the errors and omissions. Current information solutions do not fully comply with the necessary standards for safe blood transfusion. Therefore solutions need to be improved to better support the processes in the Regional Blood Centres being developed through full utilization and support of bar code automation, enabling full traceability of blood, provision of data quality, etc. To make the MIS brief comprehensive, some additional features were included such as screen charts, rules of data entry, and a feature of traceability for the reliability of the data. The possibility of alternative system models (centralized vs decentralized) and data ownership was also discussed. However, all implementing partners agreed on a centralized architecture including centralized data warehouse to be operated jointly by all provinces.

Module on Information Management and Management Information

The training module on ‘Information Management and Management Information’ was developed following field surveys to several blood banks (public and private) in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore. Two different target groups were addressed over a two-day period, namely technicians and middle management and the top management of several Blood Banks in the aforementioned cities. The module was effective in providing the participants with awareness about the importance of optimum data management and the conversion of data into knowledge. Similarly, the other module on ‘Data Management’ was developed for the Blood Transfusion Authorities. The module was also effective in sensitizing the participants about the significance of data management.

Module on Importance of Data Management in Blood Transfusion Services

Training module on importance of data management in blood transfusion services was prepared to introduce data managers from service delivery blood establishments and the regulatory authority into the basics of data management, contribute to the development of IT supported management and leadership skills to support the effective implementation of the key WHO strategies for safe blood transfusion.

Collaboration with Punjab IT Board

The Punjab Information Technology Board is a dynamic public sector organization which has made very significant contributions in modernizing the public sector in Punjab and the rest of country especially by developing customized MIS for them with complete backup services. The SBTP is now collaborating with the PITB to utilize the PITB developed Blood Banking MIS (developed for Punjab public sector blood banks) for the SBTP Phase II infrastructure and the entire sector in the country. The PITB is offering its system to the SBTP without any costs or preconditions. This is a very significant development and will immensely benefit the blood safety reforms process in the country.