Pakistan Haemovigilance network

The Safe Blood Transfusion Programme has facilitated the development of the Pakistan Haemovigilance Network (PHN) to promote the practice of haemovigilance in the country. The initiative has been launched after extensive consultations with individual key national partners. The strategy is to collect data from the participating Partner Blood Centres and the federal and provincial blood regulatory authorities. The PHN will compile and analyze the data and publish it in the form of a National Haemovigilance Report on the SBTP website. Earlier, in February 2013, Pakistan was granted country membership of the international Haemovigilance Network ( and the collected national haemovigilance data will in future be shared with the IHN. In 2016, the Pakistan Haemovigilance Network presented 10 research papers (oral/poster) in the 17th Annual Meeting of the International Haemovigilance Network (IHN).