Club25 Pakistan

The Club 25 concept (also known as Pledge 25 Club or Pledge 25), first launched in Zimbabwe in 1989, has proven to be a successful and relatively economical way of targeting youth donors. The name Club 25 was taken from the donors pledge to give 25 blood donations. The club became a huge success, and the idea caught on worldwide reaching over 65 countries and hundreds of thousands of members.

Club 25 is a youthful concept, promoting the value of saving lives by giving blood. Through Club 25, members are encouraged to attend blood centres, learn about healthy lifestyles, and give blood regularly. This initiative promotes lifesaving and life changing practices, and most of all – have fun while saving lives.

The Safe Blood Transfusion Programme (SBTP), in collaboration with Blood Donor Organizations, has established the Club 25 in Pakistan. The purpose of Club 25 is to educate, motivate and recruit young people to become regular voluntary non- remunerated blood donors; and to promote healthy and risk-free lifestyles among young people in order to provide the safest blood. Club 25 members will also be encouraged to educate their peers (and other members of the community) on safe behaviour, thus adding health promotion to their contribution to the community.

Aims of Club 25: