GIZ Technical Cooperation

The Technical Cooperation component of the Safe Blood Transfusion Project forms part of the GIZ, Health Sector Support Programme. The TC component provides advice on shaping the legal framework for safe blood transfusion services and the practical implementation of those services in the provinces. In the management field, business plans are being drawn up, and a harmonised information system is being developed to record relevant data for the blood transfusion service. The TC component is helping to develop and deliver training for health workers, and is also examining possible approaches for setting up a system based on voluntary donations through public awareness campaigns.

During the course of last six years, the stakeholder groups were identified for the different sub-components of the reform blood transfusion agenda, and most of them were engaged for very specific actions and at certain points in time. It was important to build up at an early stage the capacity of provincial health departments and their system reform agents, especially the Safe Blood Transfusion Programmes and the Blood Transfusion Authorities, but direct support to related ministries (especially health and law) were also provided. Priority areas for each of the provinces/regions and concrete areas of intervention were defined in consultation with stakeholders, which allowed the project to bring a considerable number of stakeholders on board and to strengthen information and communication links.

The specific short term or medium term results achieved include; Formulation of a National Blood Policy and Strategic Framework (2014-20); Formulation of an updated Legislative Framework; Development of a Management Information System for Blood Transfusion Authorities; Establishment of Blood Donor Organizations Network; Human Capacity Development; and Improved Quality Management (development of Standards, Guidelines, SOPs, etc).